Vince Berkhout, "Eccentric" Cabinet (STUDENT 2022)

Name of school or tertiary institution, and name of woodworking teacher (if you have one):
Sturt School for Wood - Peter Young (2021)

My "Eccentric" Cabinet was made during Term 3 at Sturt in 2021 under the guidance of tutor Peter Young. Initially the cabinet door was to be rectilinear with inlaid strips, but Peter Young encouraged me to consider a curved coopered door. Neither of us knew where this would lead, but I like the result! The cabinet is made with solid Queensland Silver Ash, with highlights of salvaged Silky Oak from St Leonards, Sydney. The door is coopered with a 3 degree angle along the length of the staves which have been placed in a sunburst pattern. With varying angles of the staves, the door was given an unexpected twist, adding an element of visual surprise and interest. It looks different from every angle. The twist of the door required special shaping of the top and base, and the right-hand panel - done with hand tools (block plane, spoke shave, and rasps). The two drawers in silver ash with silky oak base, include hand-cut half-blind dovetails, and hand carved drawer pulls in hand carved recesses. I love the way the silver ash shines under light from varying angles accentuating its chatoyance, and the twisty door.