John Tucker, Cottage Garden (ART, OBJECTS 2022)

Intarsia Cottage Garden. This Intarsia project came about because my arty wife was throwing a drawing together and when I saw it I immediately took up the challenge to produce it into my Intarsia concept. This project took about 4 months on a casual basis as I found I had to stop and re-assess how it was going to fit together, but we got there. The aim was to create the garden in the foreground and to show the perception of the cottage in the distance. This is similar to walking down a street and admiring the front garden and the house is set back, possibly grandma's house. The timbers used are: Leaves and reed, green treated pine. The daisies, European maple. The hibiscus, Oregon. The rose, Red Jarrah. The honey eaters bodies, Tiger Oak. The water bath and cottage walls , Silky Oak. The cottage roof is simply a structural laminated beam off cut and the daffodils are done with Huon pine.