Dave Stanton, Classic carpenter's toolchest (CHESTS, CABINETS & BOXES 2023)

Dave Stanton

I built this tool chest based on my Great grandfather's tool chest design. He was a carriage builder for NSW railways. The box is pine with dovetailed joints. The lid is also pine and to allow for movement, the purple heart trim has been pocket holed but I created elongated pockets by plunging the drill twice 5 mm apart. The purple patches on the underside of the lid are resin to hide the screws. Below the resin is silicone to stop the resin setting to the screws. The lid is secured to the chest by deformed strap hinges and the design negates any need for stays as the rear trim is also the rest to hold the lid open, identical to the original design. The 2 sliding drawers of cherry are also dovetailed with the centre divider also dovetail slotted to increase the strength when slid forwards or backwards from the centre. They also have removable felt lined bases. The runners are purple heart to reduce wear. I built the chest as a project on my youtube channel from April to May 2022

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