Katia Burgin, Chess/Backgammon board/box (WORLD 2021)

United States

The inspiration for this piece was a precious memory from my childhood in Russia when my father and I spent countless hours playing chess. When I came to the US, I brought this 50-year-old simple chess box with me. However, it fell apart and I wanted to replace it with a family heirloom quality set to honor these wonderful memories after my father passed away. The main box is made from Maple and Walnut. The top is a glue-up of alternating wood species inlaid in a way to create a geometrically offset border. The outside corners of the box are joined with the “Impossible” Sunrise Dovetail joint, and the hinged walls come together when opened to form symmetrical Keyed Miter joints with angled cuts. The deck of the backgammon board is maple, oak, and walnut veneer. Finish - “Tru-oil”