Florian Meigel, Chaise Longue Brillance (WORLD 2023)

Wolfgang Pulver

- chaise longue with a wall lamp - The design of the reclining furniture presents an intriguing combination of upholstery complexity and Japanese Kumiko work. The seamless transition of the asanoha structure, inspired by the tranquil hemp leaf, gracefully extends to the left. The tapered shapes and soft upholstery, both visually and tactilely pleasing, entice you to recline in comfort. To complement the ambiance, the wall lamp is motion-controlled and dimmable, providing the perfect lighting for any mood. The Kumiko work already creates a striking depth effect, which is further enhanced by the delicate filling blocks placed between the hemp leaves and varying depths of pocket cuts. Adhering to traditional manufacturing methods, each Kumiko set is meticulously hand-plastered and precisely fitted into the structure. The strength of the Kumiko lies in the perfect joints that hold it all together. The filigree furniture gets its stability from the boat-like construction on the inside. A combination of a tapered quill, straight and curved ribs, load the weight optimally on the frame work base. Behind each joint is a hidden dovetailing, an overplating or further handmade joints. To the outside, however, only clean mitered edges present themselves without showing a single bit of end grain. The special craftsmanship is thus partly hidden forever, but will allow the piece to outlast generations. MATERIAL & TECHNIQUES Solid maple wood / handwork, classic wood joints & jap. kumiko L × W × H in cm & WEIGHT 223 (87.8") × 90 (35.4") × 72 (28.3") - 105 kg DATE OF CREATION Semptember 2021 more photos from the manufacturing: Instagram @_meigel

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