Nathan Day, Boundary Lane Boardroom Table (TABLES, CHAIRS & DESKS 2023)

Nathan Day
Video tour:

A private commission for a luxury yacht charter company in Fremantle Western Australia. Hand crafted from ancient Jarrah slabs. 4000 x 1100 x 740mm The concept for the table base revolved around a 2D curved fin that was patterned out around a shaped path to create a 3D wave like form. The spacing between the fins creates a visual illusion with the negative space opening and closing depending on your perspective. The shape is pinched in at the middle to provide extra leg room. The table top is made from two consecutive, book matched Jarrah slabs. The slabs had huge slits down their centres which were cut out and re joined in order to maintain the book matched grain pattern. The finish is a traditional ebonising process of reacting iron acetate with naturally occurring tannins in the Jarrah. We experimented with varying acid percentages in the iron acetate to achieve a dark brown tone rather than black which is normally expected from ebonised Jarrah. The table top has a 2 pac lacquered finish and the base is finished in hard wax oil. The table was safely craned into a second story office in August 2023.

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