Charlie Kocourek, Before Anyone Else (BAE) (WORLD 2022)

United States

Before Anyone Else (BAE) is a very special jewelry box. It’s personalized for someone who’s initials are E.G. Those initials are hand carved from bloodwood, with the letter "E" imbedded into the divider of the tray, and the letter "G" imbedded into the top of the box that is hidden under the tray. The letters BAE are inlaid into the back of the box with mother of pearl. This box was made almost entirely from one stunning large block of big leaf maple burl by slicing it into three pieces for the top, the body, and the base. The base was then hollowed out. The tray is constructed from book matched laminations from the cut-offs. This work was completed without a cnc or a laser cutter. The elliptical shape of the box is repeated in the tray, in the outside shape of the second “hidden” box, in the handle on the top of the second box, and in the divided compartments inside of the hidden box. An array of crushed opals is inlaid under the top of the smaller hidden box. The square barreled Brusso stop hinges are flush mounted at the back of the box. This box is finished with shellac.