Dennis Zongker, Art Deco Style Music Box (WORLD 2023)

Dennis Zongker

The size of this music box is 10 3/4" deep x 10 3/4" Tall x 15" long, with a 72 note musical movement. The woods are Holly and Gabon ebony veneers and hardwoods. My goal was to design a music box that would fit into the Art Deco time period between 1919 to 1939, mostly into a setting of the roaring 20s high class society. Diamond shapes were a design element seen in some high end pieces of furniture. That was my main design focus. The difficulty was in the legs especially the top finials of the leg. By making diamonds to match the body of the box. This took me several months to develop the finials by trial and error. By mixing solid ebony and holly veneer to produce the diamonds with elliptical rings with the oval shape of the segmented finials for the tops of the legs.

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