Nick Sawyer, Acute River Island Table (WORLD 2023)

Nick Sawyer
United States

Make rivers, not obstacle courses. River tables seem to be a popular topic. Imagining humans moving through space as a flow (much like a river) over time makes a lot of furniture feel more like obstacles. Dams, if you will. This occasional table seeks to restore the flow of life through space. The single direction, aside from a photo of the space next to a large sliding patio door with a bean-shaped couch as a pairing for the commission, was a request to include a twenty-degree detail as an homage to the aptly named, 'Acute Haus.' Technically, It’s a bent laminated lanceoloid case veneered in Australian curly walnut with five hand-matched sunburst surfaces, top, bottom, the pillar, and both sliding tambour doors. The interior is fiddleback sycamore and bleached American white ash for the pillar.

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