Brandon Harrison, a little emphasis (STUDENT 2022)

Name of school or tertiary institution, and name of woodworking teacher (if you have one):
Sturt School for Wood, David Upfill-Brown

'a little emphasis' is a coffee table inspired by the crisp geometric compositions of the Bauhaus and Gerrit Reitveld. The teetering cantilevered top is resting on two stacked but separate boxes, with a hidden structure joining all three components and allowing them to appear to be floating above each other. Both of the boxes, and all four drawers, are tilted at 5 degrees to increase the visual impact of the cantilever and allow me to really test myself when completing all the hand cut joinery for the drawers. I think that learning is best done in the deep end. I wanted a sculpturally minimalist visual aesthetic to emphasise the grain of my chosen material on the large, flat surfaces. I chose American Rock Maple due to its crisp almost-white colour lending itself to the minimalist design and its wonderful swirling light brown grain. The table looks like it was created in italics, and just as italicized text suggests emphasis, I wanted this table to emphasise what can be achieved in this beautiful natural material.