Daniel Close, 6 degrees (RECYCLED & RESCUED 2023)

Daniel Close
Video tour:

6 degrees is a complex and yet contemporary coffee table, designed and created as with all my work using only recycled materials. The inspiration for this piece came from the materials themselves, the Red Gum which was salvaged from a local piggery dating back to the mid 1800’s started the journey. Digging out the old rusty 4 inch nails from the Red Gum, not only left worn and weathered holes giving subtle refraction of light through the resin, it also brought back nostalgic memories of my grandfather straightening and re-using old nails for every project, sustainability brought about not only by will but sometimes necessity. Recycling these nails had now become a fulfilling part of the journey, which in turn helped add unique beauty to this piece. This directed the project down the next path bringing the recycled Vic Ash into the picture, the uncommon sized 32mm thick quarter sawn flooring was salvaged from the old Kensington flour mill Melbourne. A combination of pinned and hand crafted crossed wedges locked in the mortise and tenon joined legs and top connection. 6 degrees became the angle used throughout the project, from the waterfall end and subtle edge cuts on the red gum, to the angle used on both the vertical part of the legs as well as creating the radial separation of those legs. Recycled Timbers such as these not only bring warmth and depth to a piece they also ignite conversations around history and stories of people’s connections to places, many ending in 6 degrees of separation… Designed and created by Saltwood Furniture.

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