Jeremy Brown's new body of work combines two threads of practice, furniture making and botanical illustration to juxtapose natural and built environments, while bridging the disconnect between the origins of raw materials and final product.

On display only until March 14, this exhibition features 25 boxes, most of which were made over the last eight months

Need for Australia to become more self-sufficient highlighted as world’s largest international certifier bans Russian timber from our shores.

The ornate Hannah Cabinet, built over a six year period, has fallen victim to inundation at Lismore Regional Gallery where it has been housed since its $1 million crowd funded acquisition.

Free firewood – or you never know your luck.

After a three year touring period, an exhibition that has shown the work of 14 makers all around Australia, will soon conclude at its final display point in Sydney.

Organology is the science that studies musical instruments and also the title of an exhibition of ‘curious and master-crafted’ instruments that all relate to Tasmania in some way.

Here’s some great news – this year’s Maker of the Year awards presented by Carbatec are officially open for entry!

A 95 per cent year-on-year increase in its apprenticeship commencements to 31 December 2021, is a positive sign for Australia's economic recovery.

Take a minute, take a month – make it simple, or complex...or let it tell a story. You're invited to take part in a worldwide fantasy maker project!

Ideally, fellows undertake an immersion activity in a centre of excellence aligned to conservation, heritage trades and artisan skills, with preference given to candidates who travel to Italy as part of their fellowship. Sound like your dream?

Here's an app that suggests appropriate species for building and other applications.

Businesses are often born from personal passions. Here's one Sydney based hand tool retailer whose interest in Japanese woodworking and culture has led to the creation of a specialist offering.

Schanck’s first solo museum exhibition in New York is an in-depth look at the artist’s commitment to blurring the boundaries of art and design.

Five Indian furniture designer makers were challenged to remake three pieces from their existing furniture range using American hardwoods in a collaboration led by the American Hardwood Export Council.

You can almost hear the collective sigh of disappointment! The Maleny Wood Expo has once again been postponed – and of course you can blame it on Omicron.