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Northern NSW furniture designers and craftsmen Tony Kenway and Alby Johnson.

The Subtropical Farm Forestry Association and its major project Quality Timber Traders is sending out a call for entries to the Woodfest Design Competition, the headline feature of the upcoming event to be presented on Sunday 26 September 2021 at Federal Hall, NSW.

Makers of finely crafted timber objects are invited to let their imagination range over the myriad ways to transform local native timbers, such as silver quandong, Queensland maple and silky oak into objects of beauty.

“The Woodfest Design Competition will demonstrate the amazing qualities of our native rainforest timber species,” says Martin Novak, forest grower and President of the Subtropical Farm Forestry Association. “It was these qualities that were discovered by the early pioneers to this region and that in turn inspired tree growing enthusiasts to start planting these timbers some 30 years ago, continuing to the present. I hope that Woodfest and the design competition will further encourage these growers and inspire others to take up the challenge and plant forests with lots more of these species.”

Woodfest is a celebration of the highest quality furniture and artefacts that can be created from fine rainforest timbers, which for decades have been unavailable to craftsmen everywhere. It is also an opportunity to listen to panel discussions and see sawmilling demonstrations of these intriguing species and their unique timber qualities. Following the success of their inaugural event in April 2018, Woodfest will again offer an enjoyable day for all the family with food, music and woodcraft demonstrations.

“Replanting our local subtropical rainforest species in cabinet timber plantations has many values,” says Tony Kenway, woodcraftsman and designer, and Director of Building Forest Designs, which specialises in reforesting extensively on private properties in Big Scrub country.

“From carbon sequestration, increased biodiversity, erosion control and creating a sustainable timber resource for future generations. Using these quality plantation species completes the circle, and will encourage more planting. Woodfest is a design showcase featuring these magnificent species and will help renew the knowledge of their attributes.”

Woodfest will be held at Jasper Corner, the iconic village hall and church which are the pride of the Federal community, positioned in the Byron Bay hinterland at the heart of what was once the Big Scrub, the largest expanse of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia.

Learn more at www.qualitytimbertraders.com

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