• Melted candle wax seals endgrain.
    Melted candle wax seals endgrain.

Wax On

Another great workshop aid is a cheap box of candles from a $2 shop. Break candles into three: keep on in your pocket, one near the bench and one in your tool chest.

  1. Ideal for rubbing on the in-feed table of the thicknesser.
  2. Use on the blade of a handsaw for easy cutting.
  3. Use on the sole of spokeshaves and planes. (Note: On planes only rub wax on the sole in front of the blade.) The blade removes the wax as you plane so when gluing mating surfaces  glue won’t be applied to a waxy face.
  4. Before inserting screws give the thread a quick pass over the candle. This acts as a lubricant allowing for easier screwing and reduces the risk of screws breaking, especially small brass ones when fitting hinges.
  5. Rub candle wax on a scourer and rub over machine tables and surfaces to lubricate and as a rust protector.
  6. Melt candle wax into a double boiler and dip endgrain of timber blanks used for pen turning and handles to prevent end splitting and checking. They can then be store for years with no deterioration.

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