VIDEO: sandpaper showdown, 19 brands tested by robot

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Billing itself as the ‘largest sandpaper test ever done using robots for unbiased data’ is a big claim, yet the parameters of test are compelling, as are the results.

Nine brands of mesh and 10 brands of film-back products were tested in the form of 5", 120 grit discs. Each product went under a pneumatic random orbital sanding head for ‘five minute intervals for 25 minutes over four days at the same pressure’.

Red oak was the chosen timber used – each sample was weighed afterwards to determine a value for each brand per gram of material removed. Value was therefore based on how long each abrasive performed relative to retail cost.

Jonathan Katz-Moses deliver the results in a backwards countdown from 19 to the overall winner – which comes out way ahead. Watching this video, you may be a lot more interested in sandpaper than you think!

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