• 1. Position your bench dogs and start stretching.
    1. Position your bench dogs and start stretching.

Have you ever had some small projects that were either too thin, delicate or oddly shaped that you couldn’t get a clamp on them no matter how you tried?

Here’s the answer. Old fashioned rubber bands.

A picture is worth 1000 words, below are some instances where I use them.

Couple of safety issue to be aware of:

  1.  ALWAYS WEAR glasses when using them as they do have a habit of snapping without notice, rhyme or reason.
  2. Be careful when sliding them over sharp edges because even wood will cut a taut rubber band.
  3. With that in mind it’s always a good idea to have your bench or work area clean, which means not only in front of you, but behind and to the side of you as well, because when rubber bands snap, many times one has a tendency to jump up, backwards or sideways and if anything is in the way chances are it will get knocked!
  4. Not really safety issue but a good tip. Store rubber bands in the fridge when not in use as this extends their life.
  5. Speaking of which, rubber bands will eventually perish no manner how careful you are. Throw away any suspect looking bands as soon as you notice them.
  6. Never ask too much of a band if you think it is stretching beyond its limit. Go to the next size up.
  7. Not a safety issue but another tip. I use bench dogs as frames for the bands and place the objects to be clamped inside the perimeter created by the dogs. See the photos below.

I source most of my rubber bands from a good newsagent or office supply store. The ones used in the pics are 107’s and 109’s.

Happy gluing,
Steve Hay

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