• Steve Hay
    Steve Hay

There are many way to stain wood, but one way that has been with us through the ages is 'ebonizing'. This changes the colour of wood through a chemical reaction which occurs when (in most cases) the timbers natural make-up reacts with a solution of vinegar and iron sulphide. The video below takes you step by step thought this exciting process. Bear in mind the samples shown on the clip are only to indicate how the process works.

If I were to do some solid edging to go around a box, for example, I would use a length of 50mm PVC pipe sealed at one end and filled with the solution, and then immerse the lengths of timber into it for a period of time.

Larger pieces obviously would require a larger container so the wood can be completely covered. Experiment and try other ways.

Once your desired colour has been reached simply rinse of any excess solution.

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