SCM Minimax range now at Carbatec

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Carbatec is proud to announce its appointment as an official reseller of SCM Minimax woodworking machinery in Australia.

SCM has been the leading manufacturer of quality woodworking and wood processing machinery since 1952.  Over the years, the SCM Group has acquired many other well-known brands such as Minimax, Morbidelli, Gabbiani and Superfici….the list goes on. This partnership will provide Carbatec’s vast network of discerning customers an opportunity to access quality European-made industrial machinery.

Carbatec sales and aftersales service staff have undertaken intensive SCM training to further assist our customers with their enquiries; and are working closely with SCM Australia to provide customised solutions from the broader SCM range.  SCM Minimax combination machines have been installed across all our Australian showroom locations, with plans to expand the display selection over the coming months.

SCM is a world leader in European-made solid wood and panel processing equipment.  We are proud to offer our existing customers access to this range of premium quality industrial machinery; working alongside artisans and creators as their needs and skills expand.  SCM’s industrial customers will likewise enjoy exposure to the finest quality hand tools and machinery; something our Carbatec customers have enjoyed for 35 years.

Learn more at Carbatec or SCM Australia.

Image: Panel saw production line at Minimax, San Marino, Italy circa 2015. Photo: Philip Ashley

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