Lockdown lifts: Melbourne school ‘going nuts’

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Just this time last year most Australians were coming to grips with a new world order. Fed a constant diet of warnings, restrictions and statistics we faced the unknown of a world pandemic. Socially distanced in our home bunkers, we didn't know if things truly were going down the gurgler, let alone if we could get supplies at the local shops.

Woodwork and the realm of the home shed proved to be ideal isolation busters, but many businesses also went bust in the process. Melbourne was particularly hard-struck. Good news then to hear that things are coming back.

‘The school is going nuts, which is a wonderful thing to see’, said Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking co-manager Jaqueline Boell. ‘We’re hoping that it will continue that way to make up for six months’ worth of lost time last year.’

So well is the old kind of normal coming back that the school is looking to employ another part-time woodwork instructor at its Blackburn facility.

Amongst other lockdown activities the school produced the video below which sums up what it’s all about.

During the lockdown period the Guild's activities were assisted with a Recovery Grant from the City of Whitehorse.

Learn more about the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking at www.mgfw.com.au


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