Growing red cedar: 30 year study

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"After 30 years of observing, recording and growing red cedar (Toona ciliata) in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, I have not beaten the destructive tip moth (Hypsipyla robusta). My aim to grow small scale plantations of red cedar for timber production with a mixed nurse crop of local native species has had variable results", writes Tess and Greg Heighes.

"It is yet questionable whether any of my methods will be commercially viable for growing plantation red cedar, but they provide useful silvicultural information until successful treatments or resistance are proven to prevent tip moth damage to red cedar in the early stages of growth . Some of our cedars have good form for timber production but results are both variable and marginal to date. Although not suited to statistical analysis, the trials give an indication of potential growth and silvicultural requirements under similar conditions."

A 30 year field study of propagating and growing red cedar trees, including experiences of regeneration under varied canopy types and densities can be found at

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