Felder's Preventive Contact System shown at Ligna 2019

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The grizzly start to the video above is referencing the hazards of wood machining but heralds the preventive technology being offered on Felder's Kappa 550 sliding table panel saws. Felder Group is currently presenting their PCS® – Preventive Contact System at Ligna 2019. This technology is based on the "electro-magnetic law of repulsion" which within milliseconds of being triggered lowers the blade under the table. 

Comparable existing technology sees blades and saw units destroyed when triggered. With PCS techology the safety lowering mechanism works damage free and without the extra cost of consumable parts. The sliding table panel saw is immediately ready to use again at the push of a button.

The patent-pending Safety Innovation PCS® is available as an option with Format-4 kappa 550 sliding table panel saws and supplements existing standard protective equipment. 

More information from www.felder-group.com




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