Emerging talent shines in end of year exhibition

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Generate 2020 is the tenth and final curated exhibition of work by the last cohort of artists and designers to complete the two-year JamFactory Associate training program. A celebration of JamFactory’s role in nurturing emerging talent, Generate has prevailed as an annual showcase of outstanding work and new ideas by the next generation of furniture and object designers, ceramic artists, glass practitioners and jewellers.

Featuring Michael Carney, Emma Cuppleditch, Katherine Grocott, Noah Hartley, Calum Hurley, Tala Kaalim, Jordan Leeflang, Xanthe Murphy, Bart Rentmeester, Ivana Taylor and Ayano Yoshizumi.

Generate 2020 is showing at JamFactory, Adelaide in Gallery One from 4 December 2020 – 7 February 2021.

While Generate 2020 is a coda to a decade of exhibiting those graduating onto the next chapter of their professional practice, the class of JamFactory 2020 has produced one of the best and brightest groups of Associates yet. The Furniture Studio’s Ivana Taylor, Calum Hurley and Jordan Leeflang have had their designs regularly recognised and exhibited by Craft ACT; Australian Design Centre, Sydney; VIVID Décor + Design and as part of Melbourne Design Week, including DENFAIR: Front & Centre. This year Jordan Leeflang and Ceramic Associate Xanthe Murphy were joint winners of DENFAIR’s Front & Centre prize for their Ripple Side Table.


Above left: Ivana Taylor, Wrapped Arch, 2020. Above right: Calum Hurley, Dining Chair, 2020

Ivana Taylor was featured in Wallpaper Magazine’s 2020 Design Graduate Directory and in the Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert group show Osmosis during Melbourne Design Week 2020. Her Bound Bench was nominated for Melbourne’s DENFAIR: Front & Centre, 2019; and featured in HOME:MADE at Craft ACT, Canberra, 2019. Previously she appeared in Designing Bright Futures at the Australian Design Centre, Sydney, 2019. Ivana Taylor is represented by Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Sydney.  

This year Calum Hurley’s first realised chair design Chair001 was a finalist for the VIVID Décor + Design Furniture Award and Melbourne’s DENFAIR: Front & Centre. Also in 2020 he exhibited alongside fellow JamFactory Furniture Associate Jordan Leeflang in their show Differing Perspectives at CRAFT ACT, Canberra and as part of Melbourne Design Week’s Ductility by alt.material at Studio Edwards’ 408 Smith St. In 2019 his works were featured in the solo exhibition Reflecting Location at praxis ARTSPACE, Adelaide and were nominated for DENFAIR: Front & Centre and WORKSHOPPED19 at Australian Design Centre, Sydney.


Jordan Leeflang, Cab Chair, 2020

Jordan Leeflang’s Sunday Stool was the winner of the Australian Design Centre’s WORKSHOPPED19 Award. His Soft Spot Bowls were nominated for the 2019 VIVID Object Design Award. In 2020 he exhibited alongside fellow JamFactory Furniture Associate Calum Hurley in their show Differing Perspectives at CRAFT ACT and as part of Ductility by alt.material at Studio Edwards’ 408 Smith St, Melbourne. Ripple Side Table, a collaboration with fellow JamFactory Ceramic Associate Xanthe Murphy was joint winner of DENFAIR: Front & Centre 2020.

In 2021, JamFactory’s Associate program will change to a more intensive one-year duration with the ability to extend to two or three years as a studio-based Associate. Those represented in Generate 2020 are the final cohort to complete the existing two-year training program.

Learn more at www.jamfactory.com.au

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