After a trying two years, RMIT furniture design graduates are excited to welcome you in person to their 2021 graduate show. Emerging Objects will run over three days at Marfa Gallery in Abbotsford, Victoria.The exhibition opens on November 25 at 6pm–10pm and is followed by three full days of non-ticketed viewing from November 26 – 28.

Students of the RMIT Associate Degree in Furniture Design learn to develop creative and original furniture designs with a strong grounding in design methods, manufacturing technologies and processes informed by cultural and social factors. A combination of manual skills and machine technologies are used in the product development and construction of contemporary furniture products.

The diverse ‘emerging objects’ presented are imbued with the task of communication; speaking through form, colour and texture, inviting discussion and encouraging sensory reaction. Immerse yourself in these future notions of design, furniture and form. Witness the minds at work, and hear the voices of the designers through the emergence of these diverse objects.

The students represented are: Alexei Todd, Ben Dove, Billie Civello, David Chai, Hamish Rowland, Hejun Tang, Jill Stevenson, Julian Leigh May, Lauren Haynes, Luca Bombaci. Matthew De, Michael Seddon, Mietta Greig-Hurtig, Nae Tanakorn, Noah Iscaro, Sean Brickhill, Simon Lim, Tess Pirrie, Zara McLeod

The students will be at the gallery from 10am – 6pm each day, and as emerging designers and makers, look forward to welcoming you and showing you through.

Just a few of the limited spots left for the November 25 opening night event are available for 6–7pm and 9–10pm time slots, due to rolling over capacity restrictions. Booking is at this link.

Marfa Gallery is located at Level One, 288 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Victoria.
Learn more about the RMIT Design Studio at Instagram @rmit_design_studio

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