Clear epoxy glue breakthrough: new gel gives invisible joins

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Epoxy glue is the tough stuff you love to use, but don’t really want to see!

Brisbane inventors and manufacturers Boatcraft Pacific are touting their new discovery as achieving the Holy Grail of woodworking.

Managing Director of BoatCraft Pacific Ian Phillips said, ‘We have been working on the development of the clear glue product for the last three years. We have been testing and refining the product to meet the high standards that our customers expect.’

‘It’s a natural extension of our enormously popular Luci-Clear casting and coating resin range’, said Ian. ‘The clear gel Luciclear Epox-E-Glue allows woodworkers to produce virtually invisible joints without unsightly glue joins, while showing off the wood grain surface below. As a gel, the new Epox-E-Glue is able to bridge gaps, has a quick “hold” property and does not shrink on curing. When dry you can finish it with regular sandpaper to blend in with the rest of your woodworking project or sculpture.’

Clear Gel Epox-E-Glue is a two-part epoxy and hardener mix with a 2:1 ratio to keep things simple. It cures within two hours and reaches optimum strength overnight.

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