Benchcrafted is Coming to Australia

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US based Benchcrafted will launch their highly desirable range of woodworking vices and bench hardware in Australia at the Wood Dust Festival.

Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Benchcrafted was founded in 2005 and produces highly acclaimed workbench hardware. Benchcrafted is a small, family company with just a handful of employees and plans to keep it that way. Their stated motivation is to make the best, most satisfying things they can create.


Up until now the only way to purchase Benchcrafted products was to buy directly from the USA and airfreight to Australia. BeingĀ  a solid and heavy product range, this has made Benchcrafted products beyond the reach of many Australian woodworkers.


Newly appointed Australian reseller Timbecon, will display the broad Benchcrafted range at Wood Dust Timber and Tool Marketplace this coming October 20 and 21. The complete Benchcrafted vice range will be on display and for sale.

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