Augmented reality app for site measure and quote

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Australia: 16 September, 2019 – AILD managing director Michael Reid has launched Measure & Quote AR, the only augmented reality-driven construction estimating tool that can measure, calculate supplies and come up with a quote, all in one app.

The app not only measures floors, ceilings and walls, but can calculate the bill of quantities for materials, and can even detect cornice measurements and skirting. Users can subtract windows, doors and other openings, thanks to the app’s innovative ‘cut’ feature.

Once measuring is complete, the app calculates the materials needed for the job and sends them directly to the supplier. Plaster, paint, cornices, skirting or insulation can all be ordered directly through the app.

Measure & Quote AR uses a smart phone’s camera to measure walls, floors and ceilings. Measurements can be taken in either metric or imperial, and are accurate up to 99% of the time.

Michael Reid, who developed the app to meet a need for speedier quoting, said: “Measuring using the traditional method takes an average of 45 minutes on-site, plus all the time spent back at the office calculating and generating the quote.

“Measure and Quote AR shaves that time down to just a few minutes. No more awkward tape measures, fiddling with pencil and paper or getting your calculations wrong.”

Along with his work in app development, Reid is the managing director of Australian Independent Lining Distributors (AILD), and has two-and-a-half decades’ experience in the construction industry.

Measure and Quote AR works on any Apple or Android device with a dual-camera augmented reality capability, and is available now in app stores.

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