Are you thinking of entering Maker of the Year?

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Are you thinking of entering Maker of the Year presented by Carbatec? Here are 5 great tips from last year’s judges!


1. Aim for a unified design

"A design with a clear overall vision is essential. Pieces can be complex or minimal but be sure the elements work together rather than compete for attention. Spend time drawing, rendering or making mock-ups to make sure you’re happy so that all the effort you’re about to put in results in a unified piece". – Simeon Dux, 2020 Maker of the Year

Image credit: Justin Smith


2. Make what you enjoy

"All the great designer makers work out what it is they enjoy producing. Some have a preference for working with certain timbers, size of piece or function. Experiment to find what your range is and work toward refining your skills in these areas." – Melissa Ward

Image credit: Remi Garcia


3. Words as well as images

Don’t overlook the written part of your submission. Explain your design concept and describe how the details support your design. Outline some of the technical aspects which may be unseen after assembly. It doesn’t need to be an exhaustive how-to, just a simple description of how the piece is constructed. – Leslie Webb

Image credit: Eliza Maunsell


4. Good photos are essential

If you can afford it, use a professional photographer – they are worth every cent. If not, use good lighting, clear the background of distractions, and get angles that highlight focal points. Stylised images can be helpful for context, but don’t overdo the props. – Simeon Dux

Image credit: SheaVollstedt


5. Be original

"Copied designs are easily identified. Many designs are derivative of a maker or style and that is common, but there is a difference between being influenced by and producing a replica. If the piece has been designed in the style of a renowned maker or style it is important to acknowledge the design precedence or influence in the design statement." – Melissa Ward

Image credit: Zach Danoy

See here for information and entry to Maker of the Year presented by Carbatec.
Standard entry pricing closes August 21.



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