• A useful and cheap supply of water on hand.
    A useful and cheap supply of water on hand.

Not really a woodworking tip this time, but none the less a good tip for The SHED!

There are many times when you need water in the shed, and it's generally not something you can plan for: spills, wiping down, washing sticky hands after a glue up or providing a drink for the Shed Mutt!

If you’re like me and your shed is too far from a tap, but not important enough to incur the expense of getting one put in, here’s the cost effective solution I’ve taken. The pics below are pretty self-explanatory.

Total cost from a hardware store around $50.

As you can see I placed mine just above my sharpening station so I have clean water where I need it the most.

I try and keep the barrels topped up just as they get halfway, as shown.

One word of caution: try and keep the containers out of direct sunlight as algae tends to grow in them if they're not properly cleaned out.

Then again I’m on tank water and that could be caused by having frogs in the tanks??? What do you think? You can let me know in the comments box below!

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