How to

Carol Russell shows how to whittle birds and small hand held sculptures.

Subtle curves and veneered panels feature on Neil Erasmus’s elegant bedhead.

Mitred oak sections create the four-piece legs of this ‘craftsman’ furniture inspired armchair that showcases both the wood and the joinery. Gerald Coon references its historical connections as he shows how to make it.

Winding sticks are commonly used to test for twist. Here's how to make an an essential workshop aid that will also become a family heirloom.

Properly sharpened, a card scraper can achieve an off- the-tool finish comparable to that of a well fettled hand plane. Master craftsman Neil Erasmus explains how.

Here's how to make two simple work-holding aids for your woodworking.

Achieving simple, clean-cut lines can be more complex than meets the eye. Roy Schack describes the journey of making a cabinet.

Highly figured Australian silver ash with Qld walnut inlays and superbly crafted hingeless doors make this cabinet by Frank Wiesner a special piece.

A maker at heart I’m drawn towards traditional design elements and techniques. On the flip side I understand the benefits that modern machinery and clean lines can bring, so I aim to strike a balance between the two.

For convenience and safeguarding against wood movement, plywood has real advantages. Here are some usage tips from Vic Tesolin.

Dowels are not perfect for all joint applications but their versatility sees them used in a variety of ways. You can buy specialist dowels, and you can make your own.

"I like carving these because I think it is one way to individualise my work, to sculpt something interesting and have some fun doing it", writes Robert Howard.

Sharpening methods vary as widely as woodworkers do! Here’s a video which explains blade angles, and how a honing guide and stropping can help.

Robert Howard's jewellery chest features a fully extending, telescopic, double dovetail drawer sliding system.

Developing your skills in accuracy will reward you with a useful tool you can hand down through the generations. Theo Cook shows how to make your own pencil gauge.

Israel Martin works to fine tolerances with hand tools alone for the precision, performance and enjoyment they offer.