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Jon Grant invokes the spirit of Tasmanian chairmaker George Peddle as he carries forward a tradition.

The effective use of a Japanese plane requires a higher level of insight into adjustments that affect its operation.

A just-released video shows the process of making a finely crafted marquetry box lid with 3D pattern created from a perspective drawing.

Neil Scobie completes his red cedar and jarrah cabinet by making the drawers and plinth.

You can cut these joins by hand, or for large scale jobs take on a 'machine mindset', explains David Luckensmeyer.

Here are Neil Scobie's plans for a beautiful stand-alone cabinet with drawers for housing jewellery or collectibles.

Curved furniture meister Darren Oates shares his techniques for designing and making customised gluing-up cauls.

Restoring an old handplane can be satisfying and save money, and knowing how to tune it will get superb results.

Iain Green shows how to make a traditional hira-kanna plane in Japanese oak.

Handmade door catches add character and are very functional, giving a crisp wooden sound when doors are opened and closed.

Here’s a full overview of the design and build of the Modern Lounger made from walnut by Shane Mitchell.

Using drawknives, saws, mallets and hoop drivers, here are two demonstrations of traditional coopering that affirm the efficiency of hand skills.

Charles Mak makes a set of six dining chairs based on Tage Frid’s iconic three-legged stool design.

Figure in wood

Wood scientist Jugo Ilic explains how figure in wood is created from five general factors.

Iain Green demonstrates Japanese sashimono techniques for precision boxmaking using hand tools only.

UK fine furniture and toolmaker David Barron makes a dovetailed box.