Simply the best: See through storage for small parts

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Words, photos and diagram: Paul van Lieshout

This is the best small bits and pieces storage and access system I have ever seen. I made it about 15 years ago and have been using it ever since. I cannot fault it or see any changes to improve it.

I glue the pieces (screws, washers, whatever) on the outside to see what is inside – they also become the little handles to pull the drawer out. The 3mm perspex lets you see how much you have left in each drawer. It can be cut to any height, as long as nothing falls out when upright. With this system you see what you want, pull the entire drawer out, lay it down and then select. EASY!



The drawers are made from18mm solid pine, 18mm craftwood, 3mm craftwood, 3mm perspex and PVA glue. Why 18mm solid pine? Good question. If you change what is inside the drawer, just rip off the glued items – sand back the surface and glue new stuff on.


A few observations

• Do not make each drawer too wide or high as it all gets too heavy – 150mm x 30mm seems to work well.

• Use 18mm craftwood (or solid pine) for carcase to give it strength for long term use.

• You can put as many dividers inside as you wish – just not too many – as your fat fingers will not fit.

Paul van Lieshout is a long-time woodworker and runs an office furniture business in Hermit Park, Qld.


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