How to cut a ‘rotating’ dovetail joint

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For around two years Alex Peay had a notion in the back of his mind. It was for a way of somehow translating a Maloof chair joint into a ‘dovetail’ joint. And then, one day on the way home from work, it came to him. The next day he went into his garage and cut his first ‘rotating dovetail joint’. ‘It took about 8 hours, and there was *a lot* of staring,’ he said, ‘but it came together in the end and it’s an incredibly strong joint.’

In this video Alex shows how to cut a rotating dovetail joint using machines, power and hand tools.

Alex Peay has entered his ‘proof of concept’ piece in Maker of the Year, presented by Carbatec. See the chair with rotating dovetail joints here.

Enter Maker of the Year, presented by Carbatec






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