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Review: Raf Nathan

This ruler is a new take on the traditional folding wood rule. The folding wood rule was a mainstay in my workshop 35 years ago, everyone from cabinetmakers to carpenters had one. You can get the modern Stanley version of this as a plastic one today and it works pretty well, if not a little plain looking.

Like the original, this new rule designed by builder and maker Regan Low in New Zealand is really good. Folded it is a compact 150mm long or fully opened it extends to 600mm.

It is very well made from 5mm thick ABS plastic with brass pin and protractor head. It’s available in black or a fluoro green. The bright green is arguably better for site or workshop use as it is harder to lose in a messy work situation, although the black looks cooler.

At 45mm wide when folded, it can be used to quickly locate standard stud centres as it is half that thickness. There is a protractor at the centre that displays common angles which is very helpful, although 45° is not quite clearly marked.
On one the face there are also two short rules with markings at 0.5mm, and on the reverse there are two centre rules which read to 70mm each way, a very good extra feature.

Apparently it took four years of development to get to a finished product, which from my experience with tool design and making, is quite fast. I like the Good Rule a lot. It is fairly priced and excellent for carpentry and building work, and it now has a permanent place in my tool box.

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Raf Nathan is a woodwork designer maker in Queensland, Australia.

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