Resin range for different uses: Aussie made LuciClear

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“When we launched LuciClear Casting Resin in early 2019, we knew that it was something exceptional,” said Ian Phillips, managing director of Boatcraft Pacific, Queensland based manufacturers of LuciClear products. “Our users, river table makers, woodworkers and resin jewellery makers have enthusiastically adopted the product, appreciating its ease of use and the great results they get reliably get. We have had many requests for complementary products that provide the same ease of use, water clear, bubble free finish as LuciClear Casting Resin, but optimized for other applications.”

Answering the call, LuciClear Coating Resin and LuciClear Artists Resin are now available. “Anyone who has used LuciClear Casting Resin will be delighted with the new products,” said Ian from the factory in Brisbane. “Our philosophy is to formulate a resin system to match the task at hand. Any attempt to use one formulation for every task means that everything will be a compromise.”

The full range of LuciClear products is manufactured in Australia from a secret mix of high quality raw materials sourced worldwide. The new products build upon the highly successful Casting Resin materials and methods to put the ability to produce fabulous results easily first time in your hands.

LuciClear Coating Resin is a resin formulation that self levels and spreads evenly over flat surfaces and finishes with a 1mm deep ultra high gloss bubble free finish. It has a water clear finish which matches that of LuciClear Casting Resin. It's designed to enhances wood grains, colours and textures and is ideal for coffee tables and decoupage. The LuciClear Coating Resin is also rather special, explains Ian, as in many cases it will give a bubble free finish without further work.

LuciClear Artist Resin is a medium viscosity resin, ideal for smaller art pieces, pigment lacing and effects needing a clear finish that enhances colours and textures.

LuciClear Casting Resin is the original Australian deep casting resin system. It's water clear, bubble free, deep pouring and offers billiard ball hardness, all of which make it first choice for river table and jewellery casting.

The LuciClear range is available nationwide. See or call 1300 148 442 for stockists.


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