Power and lift: router table purpose-made

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Carbatec’s Lift n Lock fixed base router lift is designed to permit fast and accurate cutter adjustments from above the table, and lock securely into place afterwards. Without the need to operate locks, remove or replace routers, set-ups can stay just that, set up.

The Lift n Lock is an upgrade for Carbatec Compact and Pro Router tables, and also fits Kreg and many other router tables. A five-piece set of inserts is available with the standard insert having a 38mm inside diameter.


The Carbatec Router Power Unit is designed specifically to suit the Carbatec fixed base router lift, and can also be used on some CNC machines that require a full-size fixed base router.

The power unit has a sturdy aluminum housing with 2400 watt (3-¼”hp) 10 amp motor, variable speed control from 10,000 to 22,000 rpm. Included ¼” and ½” auto releasing and removable colletts give router bit flexibility. Soft-start and speed control reduce torque at start-up and constant speed under load. Sealed shaft bearings extend life and deliver minimal bit run-out.

Learn more at www.carbatec.com.au

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