Now in Australia: Laguna dust extractors

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These are the cyclones we welcome! Laguna's range of dust extractors is now available in Australia. The features on these heavy-duty, premium build machines from Taiwan make them worth considering.

Laguna’s C-Flux 3 cyclone dust extractor is powerful at 3HP (2200w) 15 amp, 2250CFM with pleated filter canister filters giving 99% of one micron particles. Cartridge cleaning is via hand-crank paddle. There’s on/off remote control and the unit conveniently sits on castors.


The P-Flux 1 is 1.5HP(1100w) 10amp, 1050CFM with HEPA filtration 100% of 1 micron particles. Remote control, ‘smart-lift’ and ‘smart-drum’ monitor add convenient usage factor.

Coming soon to range is P-Flux 3, also 3HP (2200w) 15 amp, 2250CFM. This model has HEPA-rated pleated filter plus smart features noise reducing acoustic shroud panels.

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