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Above: Tasai Suminagashi 10 piece Oire Nomi chisel set

ProTooling’s Camperdown, Sydney store is now stocking three ranges of Japanese chisel from Kanetomo, Nomikatsu, and Tasai.

Handcrafted by the legendary and revered blacksmith Akio Tasai of Niigata, these Wakizashi chisels are a compact and robust hand tool with a stunning Damascus steel construction and ebony timber handle. Available singly or in sets of ten, they are made from a special blue  steel.


Kanetomo Oire chisel set

Kanetomo and Nomikatsu chisels are made from predominantly white high carbon steel. Oire, Tataki, Umeki, Anaya and Sashi Nomi are in the range on offer. To translate, Oire chisels are widely used for construction and joinery. They have a shorter handle and blade, and are more suitable for surface work. Tataki are a slightly heavier chisel with a longer handle which is better for deeper work and also known as a striking chisel in Japan. The Umeki are the 'dovetail chisel' of Japan, great for cutting tighter corners. Finally, Sashi-Nomi are a large paring chisel with a long handle, these excel at shaving and finishing work, along with larger building projects.

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