Advance notice: new series Nova chucks

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Available soon from Carbatec, the new Nova G3 Pro-Tek and SuperNova2 Pro-Tek chucks have advanced features to enhance chuck performance, providing a versatile and easy method for fast and secure work holding for all face turning – bowls, egg cup, vases, boxes, goblets and more.

Upgraded features include:
• Rust resistant nickel plating
• Stronger and more versatile 50mm/2” Pro-Tek Jaws. Dovetail and serrated profile for maximum holding power.
• Clockwise scroll rotation for ease of use
• Easier-to-read, laser etched jaw numbering
• Fasteners upgraded to star head screws. Better holding power, mini- mize stripped out screw heads.
• Allen wrench upgraded to T-bar handle. Enables quicker tightening of screws, easier on hands.

SuperNova2 Pro-Tek Chuck TK-SN2-PT
• 24 division index built into the backing plate design
• Insert required (available separately)

Nova G3 Pro-Tek Chuck TK-G3-PT
• Insert Required (available separately)

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