Made in Australia, this combination wood tool is quite exciting with its looks and multi-functionality, writes Raf Nathan.

For the price you get a rugged machine weighing 155kg that should well suit small workshops and sole operators... Review by Raf Nathan.

A review of award winners from the 2016 exhibition by Rachelle Leaver.

The Australian Chair Survey exhibition featured at the Gallery of Australian Design, ACT from June 16–July 23, 2011. Review by Rodney Hayward.

A video captures the easy action of Logosol's M8 chainsaw mill chomping its way neatly through some tough messmate.

This is the muscle car of cordless drills and will handle any task you through at it, writes Raf Nathan.

How to improve the efficiency of your shop vac, and save money on filters. Review by Raf Nathan.

Folds and twists, use wet or dry, and longlasting. A new sheet sanding solution from 3M.

To call this a workshop vacuum cleaner is an understatement, really it’s a shopvac on steroids!

The Jessem is a good looking unit. The quality of the base and in particular the powder- coating is reflective of the high quality of the overall package.

Terry Martin's exhibition at Gallery Shin represents a kind of home-coming, both thematically and in terms of it being his first in Brisbane since 1998.

Damion Fauser highlights some of the features and additions of Triton's new generation Workcentre in the first workshop trial of this new released integrated system.

This Australian made product is a clever concealed mounting fitting.

Using the 1:7 dovetail and 90° jig enabled me to easily saw tight dovetails. In fact after one practice set the second set were very satisfactory...

When I look at equipment like this I understand where America’s edge comes from in manufacturing military equipment. This is a superbly made piece of aluminium and steel kit.