How to get great results with your first chairmaking efforts.

For the money this is a solid and affordable entry-level sander with some new features.

One quick and accurate way to flush solid wood edging down to veneered panels is with a very clever handheld power tool developed by Virutex.

This finish gives a great polish and has other uses in the workshop, writes Damion Fauser.

Made from hardwearing materials, these repositionable non-slip 70mm discs are handy in the workshop and useful for many other applications.

A vertical clamping system saves space and keeps panels flat during glue-ups.

An ergonomically designed tool that functions very well, writes James Brook.

Raf Nathan puts an aftermarket router base and related accessories to the test.

With a deck to repair our reviewer gave both tools a good workout.

Timbers for tool handles need special qualities, explains Jugo Ilic.

An easy way to saw better dovetails.

The pros and cons of buying and using timber slabs.

Sterling Tool Works is part of the new generation of specialised hand tool makers that operate on a small scale with a focus on high quality.

Carter, known for their guides and other bandsaw accessories, have made a resaw fence that I’ve been using in my workshop for several months to great effect, writes Damion Fauser.

After tests carried out over a two week period Richard Vaughan offers his judgement along with some tips on usage.