It takes a fair bit of practice to cut good dovetails. We tested two guides to see if they helped.

Compared to a corded tooI it has a slower cutter speed of 13,000 rpm without the same power, but of course that's not the point...

In these times 3M masks are of course being widely used, however a reusable mask with filter cartridges has been a workshop essential for a long time.

This is a powered block plane and certainly packs a punch.

If your jobsite needs are extreme this could be handy.

There are now a good number of options in this class of machine for woodworkers to choose from, and these two are certainly well positioned to take on their competitors.

The WoodRiver gauge is a convenient handheld tool to operate for boards up to 25.65mm (one inch) in thickness.

With aluminium for the body and hardened steel blades, this is a new take on wood tool design.

These handcrafted jigs can allow you to accurately shoot edges and plane mitres and endgrain.

Weighing 11.8kg this saw is easy enough to move from its packaging to the workbench, whilst having enough weight to sit firmly on four rubber feet which absorb the minimal vibration generated as the saw is set in operation.

This tape comes in a roll and can be applied where and when you need things to run smoothly.

Like grain, figure and colour, scent is an appreciated feature of some woods. Story by Jugo Ilic.

Here's one to check out if you're looking for a compact and affordable solution.

SawStop tablesaws are known for their safety feature, but how do they perform? Damion Fauser investigates.

On a recent visit to France to teach, one of my students was selling a reverse bowl chuck, the likes of which I had never seen.

Pen turners know it's critical to square the ends of the pen blank to get a gap free mating surface.