For assembly and disassembly convenience these recently released hex key sets with T-bar handles may be just the ticket.

Acacia dealbata is a lower cost alternative to its cousin blackwood.

Based on the classic Edward Preston shoulder rebate plane, the WoodRiver medium sized shoulder plane is a beautiful looking tool.

Strength, stability and weight make jarrah a great choice for workbench material.

This low angle mitre plane is a recent addition to their already comprehensive line-up of high quality hand planes, writes Robert Howard.

Out of the box, this is an exquisite tool with beautifully machined brass fittings and fixtures, writes Damion Fauser.

A handy way to quickly flatten off excess glue making a somewhat tedious job a breeze.

These abrasive sheets and sponges can be washed out for longer life and are great for finer sanding jobs.

This tool has the blade mounted in a perpendicular fashion to make a scraping cut akin to a card scraper, as opposed to the shaving cut taken by a standard spokeshave.

Small but effective, this miniature plane serves its purpose to a tee.

While not necessarily an everyday use tool, for drawer and boxmaking bar gauges are essential for truly squaring things up.

With variable pitch teeth the saw easier to start, but less aggressive in its cut, writes Robert Howard.

Key differences to other spiral cutterblocks on the market result in superior results.

The Rikon range of machinery was released in Australia at the last AWISA show. Philip Ashley recorded his first impressions.