Denis Lake uncovers the life and times of two 18th century Tasmanian Windsor chairmakers.

The included brad-point pilot drill bits in this set come razor sharp and can be adjusted for different lengths.

The disc with its small light table worked very well, in fact this part of the machine was my favourite.

This mini block plane is made of mostly aluminium with steel screws and knobs. It’s very small at a tad over 4" long, and beautifully made...

The body of the machine is strong and refined, and machining of table surfaces is clean and accurate. At a weight of 290kg this is not a toy.

Robert Howard reviews the second in a series of books by Morris Lake on native species and their woods.

For many of us space is at a premium so it stands to reason that combination machines can be an effective solution.

If you’re looking to complete or upgrade your setup this package deal could be just what you need.

Veritas Tools in Canada have re-issued the original made many years ago by Preston Tools of the UK.

Well priced for the features offered, these machines are definitely worth considering, writes Damion Fauser.

Less tear-out and less noise was the promise. So was it worth the expense?

This mixture of bees, soy and carnauba wax is easy to apply.

If you are fixing a cabinet to a wall for example, you can place the gauge on the cabinet and adjust it for vertical whilst the app reads out the actual angle...

My quest was for a large hole cutter that would be quick to use and leave a clean finish...

After using Roofus I began to wonder why it hadn’t been invented earlier as a simple solution to the juggle of bevels and squares typically needed to mark out and cut rafters.