In hindsight, Darren Oates weighs up the significant cost of a recent machinery purchase with what it might have saved.

With a flexible plastic backing, this range of products comes in standard sized 9" x 11" sheets and also in convenient smaller sizes to fit hand blocks.

Hardwaxes can offer more of a hand-rubbed rather than a glossy surface appearance.

Anything that lessens wood dust and keeps the workshop cleaner is great value.

Two systems that are designed for accuracy.

I’ve always disliked 150mm steel rules. Over time I just gave up on the idea of carrying one...

This is a beautifully designed and built tool made in South Australia.

In this video we take close look at the new Diamond Wheels from Tormek...

This is a rugged and very well made vice that is just so versatile.

Making and fitting your own knife handle is a great use for those figured but too small for anything else pieces of wood some of us hoard.

Flat, strong, heavy with efficient workholding – two styles of locally made benches are available.

There are three clamping positions in the jaws which as far as I know is unique to this type of tool, writes Liam Thomas.

'Made by New Zealand planemaker Philip Marcou, this plane is esoteric as it only cuts chamfers and this suits my style of work well', writes Vic Tesolin.

This revolutionary joinery routing machine will be demonstrated at Wood Dust Australia.

With 3HP there is plenty of power and the feed speed of 8 metres/ minute combined with a high motor speed gave a clean consistent cut finish...