Chairmakers, carvers, turners and artists will find these great for complex or curved glue-ups and also for holding odd-shaped pieces.

With pencil in hand, Raf Nathan looks at the ins and outs of tape measures.

The range of furniture I offer my clientele is broad, however three tools that I regard as ‘must haves’ together cost under $100.

These items have proven themselves time and time again and have become go-to tools in my studio.

Once installed this kit is a great addition to any drill press. The large table makes things so much easier with its extra support whilst the clamps make for safer and more accurate drilling.

On jobsites or in the shed these heavy duty high clearance bases are worth their weight in safety.

Thirty-five years on, this remains one of Australia’s landmark exhibitions of woodwork. Furniture designer maker Leon Sadubin recalls how it came about.

The mask is comfortable to wear for extended periods and I found it did not fog my spectacles at all.

Carbon fibre provides lightweight strength, and the blade holding, tensioning and rotation system is vastly improved.

There are three basic things to consider when purchasing such a tool: alignment and momentum of the sanding disk, dust extrac- tion and table adjustment.

Opening the kit, the urge to immediately grab a piece of wood and test these tools was irresistible, so I did...

You would pay thousands more for a European-built machine of similar capacity.

Here's a solution for taking care of your sharpening needs in the one handy lasercut tray.

It shouldn’t be surprising that someone would finally bring a product to market that combines the simplicity of the original design with modern materials.

It takes a fair bit of practice to cut good dovetails. We tested two guides to see if they helped.

Compared to a corded tooI it has a slower cutter speed of 13,000 rpm without the same power, but of course that's not the point...