WoodRiver Countersink Set

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Review and photos: James Brook

The countersinks in this set of six are very cleanly ground, perfectly finished and come in a wood storage case. The incuded brad-point pilot drill bits come razor sharp and can be adjusted for different lengths.

You can drill a clearance hole and countersink the screw head all with one pass using one of these bits. The smaller bits have 3/8" carbide tipped countersink bits that will also act as a plug cutter. The two larger bits have 1/2" plug cutters and these gave a perfect fit.

I found the bits drilled fast and clean but did note that the better the wood the better the results. Soft and porous acacia drilled reasonably well whilst hard jarrah gave far superior results.


In the photo above you can see the neat fit of a 1/2" plug in the jarrah.

Available from www.woodworksupplies.com.au James Brook is a furniture maker and AWR contributor.

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