Whittle Evolution Colour wood stains

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Review: Raf Nathan

As an extension of their hardwax oil finish range, Whittle Waxes now have various colour and neutral stains available. These stains use natural pigments in a base of hardwax oil so if needed they can be thinned with clear hardwax oil. After applying the colour you will still need two or more further coats to complete the finish.

When staining wood I try and begin sanding at 150 grit and work up to 180 grit and higher. If I need to sand with 120 grit I only use a belt sander then switch to my random orbit for the 150 and 180 grits as I find the 120 grit in a random orbit sander always leaves swirl marks which, if not carefully removed, will be highlighted with a stain.

For testing, I applied this product to silky oak and found it very user friendly. I used a rag to apply the colour, wiped along the grain immediately and left it overnight to cure. There was no need to sand after staining and I simply applied another coat of clear finish only needing to give the wood a very light buff before the second coat of clear.

There are currently 14 different stains available, including three neutral stains. These neutral stains don’t add any tint to the wood and seem ideal to maintain the raw sanded colour and avoid the normal slight darkening and golden hue that a coat of hardwax oil usually adds.

Available from Whittle Waxes Australia www.whittlewaxes.com.au

Raf Nathan is a woodworker and tool designer based near Brisbane, see www.interwood shop.com.au

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