Wax on, polish off locally made food safe finish

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Yes it’s true – you could heat up a pot of wax and oil to produce something quite okay to wipe over your wooden kitchenware. However for only $17.05, it’s far easier to simply order a readymade 125ml tin of Food Safe Wax from Gilly’s Waxes & Polishes.

This white creamy paste smells nice and is easy to apply to chopping boards, benches, bowls and spoons for a pleasantly glowing result. It contains beeswax, soy wax and carnauba wax flakes  and is made in Australia without petrochemicals or any other nasty substances. The instructions are basically wipe-on and buff off, doesn't get much easier.

There is a range of other finishing products and information about using them on Gilly’s website at www.gillyswaxesandpolishes.com.au


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