Veritas Bar Gauges

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Reviewed by James Brook

Using a bar gauge lets you directly transfer and compare dimensions without conversion to numbers, theoretically reducing the chance of transcription errors. You can use it to quickly test an assembly, like a drawer or box, for squareness by checking the diagonals are equal. I find them invaluable for this process.

You can make up your own bar gauges or use this beautifully made Veritas unit which consists of two 6" steel rods fixed to aluminium clamp heads. The rods have threaded end holes that accept interchangeable brass tips or extension rods.


Three styles of tips are included: ball tips for inside measurements (the rounded ends tend to bruise softwoods less), pointed tips for inside corner measurements, and mushroom-shaped tips to hook over edges for outside measurements. The range of extension is about 190–1100mm so the unit is very versatile.

While not necessarily an everyday use tool, for drawer and boxmaking bar gauges are essential for truly squaring things up. The quality of build in the Veritas gauges is very good.

Review tool from Veritas, available from

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