Watch Kevin Inkster, inventor of the Arbortech TURBOshaft, demonstrate how this tool works. Below that you can read a review by Wood Review author Andrew Potocnik.


Review and photos by Andrew Potocnik:

Over the years I have purchased a number of Arbortech attachments which I find incredibly effective in my line of work, so I was keen to see what this new tool had to offer. Immediate impressions were positive. Every component is machined neatly and accurately to a standard often missing in mass-produced items imported from overseas. The finish and weight simply say ‘quality’.

Opening the package I first wondered whether the cutterhead was missing, however, on closer inspection I realised the 8mm cutters are housed within the 20mm diameter head of this tool, meaning it can get into tight spots predecessors couldn’t access.

Fitted with carbide teeth that can either be rotated, sharpened or replaced to present keen new cutting edges, it can be used for freehand detail carving where the small cutterhead easily makes its way into difficult places, especially as it is placed 80mm away from the grinder’s body. This allows for plenty of flexibility when used on an angle almost like a freehand router cutter, but with more control and versatility. You can use this tool to carve, sculpt and shape freely.

The kit fits to a 1/2" or 10mm grinder spindle and has a depth setting ring held in place by a grub screw, which can also be used to follow templates or a jig. This lends itself to creative uses and would enable joints such as mortises and housings to be cut quickly and accurately on a jobsite.

In testing this product I chose a sample of oregon with broad growth rings and a dense piece of redgum. The TURBOShaft performed extremely well on both samples, leaving a neatly finished surface, but I found it left a superior finish on the harder wood, where it was also easier to control. The slicing action of the blade creates shavings rather than dust, which you’d otherwise breathe in, so the clean resulting surface lends itself to texturing. I tried this on the outside of a turned bowl and was pleased with the effect, and as is so often the case, the more you use a product, the more uses you find for it.

Review tool supplied by Arbortech,


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