Triton TRI-TA1200BS Belt Sander

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Reviewed by Damion Fauser

Triton Tools' belt sander features a 1200W motor that drives a standard 76 x 533mm belt over an effective sanding area of 76 x 150mm.First impressions are this is a solid tool out of the box.

Triton has attempted to increase the flexibility of the tool with two new features. Firstly the front handle is position adjustable for comfort and the front wheel is a significantly smaller diameter than on typical machines. Triton claim this will allow the machine to be operated better in confined areas such as up against a wall when sanding a floor.

The machine has good heft at 4.8kg, and operates smoothly with minimal vibration. Dust extraction is passable with the supplied bag that fits onto the port, but as with all sanders, using a powered extraction source would be far more efficient. A good range of belt speed adjustment is available, ensuring that both coarse and delicate work can be conducted.

With a standard belt size, commonly available off-the-shelf belts can be used. Belt changes are straightforward by releasing the locking lever, changing belts and locking the lever in place. Subsequent tracking of the belt on the platen is a simple affair. The platen has an insulating layer of cork under the steel plate, which both reduces heat transfer and softens the effect of the machine on the surface.

A set of clamps is supplied for fixing the machine to a benchtop for operation in a stable inverted position. Available, but not supplied in the box, is a sanding frame that can be attached to the machine to assist with controlling the depth of cut and reducing the risk of tipping the tool or gouging the work. If you’re going to use a belt sander for delicate work then this would be an excellent option to purchase.

For around $248 this is a solid and affordable entry-level sander that will handle most home improvement or workshop tasks with ease.

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