Tough and sturdy bench grinder

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If you’re looking to complete or upgrade your setup this package deal could be just what you need.

The X8-PLUS 200mm Industrial Bench Grinder with 915 x 50mm linisher and mitre table has a full cast iron body and base. There are four rubber feet to help eliminate vibration and allow the machine to run smoothly. The machine is versatile with a 0.75kw, 1hp, 240 volt motor with sufficient power to drive both the grinder wheel and belt linisher simultaneously.

The grinder wheel comes fitted with safety eye shields and toolrests which are fully adjustable to suit every application and operator. The linishing attachment is perfect for fabricators – uses include basic tube notching, cleaning up welds, removing scale from steel, as well as quickly and cleanly removing burrs from freshly cut steel.

The package deal is currently available for $396 from Hare & Forbes Machinery House, more information at

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