Taking Care of the Woodwork Outside

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Looking after your exterior woodwork can be challenging. We're talking large areas exposed to extreme conditions. Finding ways to refresh and protect decking timbers and outdoor furniture without spending a fortune or devoting a lot of time resanding is the holy grail.

Two new products from Whittles Waxes are aimed at the solution. Teak Cleaner isn't just for teak. It's a concentrate that's been formulated to clean all exterior timbers without killing your plants or rusting decking nails. The manufacturers claim 75m2 coverage per litre to clean dirt, algae, greying, grease and oil.

After that, protection in the form of Bangkirai Oil or Teak Oil can then go on. Both are weather-resistant, water-soluble resins which offer UV protection. The finish is satin matt and non-slip and suited for cedar, teak and other woods.

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