Striplox Pro 55 Fittings

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Striplox mating parts

Review and photos: Raf Nathan

This Australian made product is a clever concealed mounting fitting. The fitting consists of two reinforced nylon parts, male and female. One part fixes to the rear of say a cabinet. The second part fixes to a wall. The two parts then push together and slide across about 12mm to securely mesh together.

The resultant bond is strong and rated up to 200kg capacity for downward resistance. Striplox parts can be fully or partially recessed into cabinetry that needs to be mounted. Mounting is with 8-gauge screws, although the instructions also say a proprietry Striplox instant adhesive is also available.

I mounted a small tool cabinet on the wall easily. One Striplox fitting was recessed 12.5mm into the rear of the cabinet whilst the mating part was screwed directly to the wall.

Striplox screw one part

The cabinet was lifted up onto the wall fitting pushed in and then slid across to lock it in place. The beauty is that by merely pushing firmly sideways the cabinet can be removed as easily as it mounts. I found the Striplox fittings fast and easy to use whilst offering a very strong concealed fixing.

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