Shinwa 150mm Steel Rule

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Review: Christopher Scott Duncombe

What if the most useful, high quality hand tool was also the most affordable in the workshop?

I’ve always disliked 150mm steel rules. I’ve tried many in the past and always found them to be too fragile, too shiny and too hard to read with 0.5mm markings. Over time I just gave up on the idea of carrying one.

Recently a good friend gave me a 150mm Shinwa steel rule and it was like finding a golden ticket. Made from stainless steel with a non- reflective surface finish, these rules are so clearly marked with full 1mm increments that even without my glasses I could read it from across the bench.

It’s thin enough to be light, but solid enough to give some flex while maintaining crisp edges. The simplest feature is the raised end behind the hang hole to allow the rule to be easily picked up while lying on a flat surface.

For the same cost as two large coffees this little rule is unbelievable value for any type of woodworker and a joy to use.

Available in 100, 150, 300 and 600mm lengths from

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